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Professional Radiator Installation

If you’ve been looking for a trusted Heating & Gas Engineer for professional radiator installation, you’ve found the answer with Prestige. We have a broad range of experience installing radiators, showers, basins, toilets, taps and much more. We’re on hand to help you choose the ideal radiators for your home, whether you’re replacing a broken one or would like to improve your thermal efficiency. So, if you’re looking for professional radiator installation, get in touch with us today for a FREE quote.

Why install a new radiator?

There are many reasons why our clients choose to install a new radiator in their properties. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider installing a new radiator.


If you have an outdated radiator, it could be worthwhile replacing it with a newer one. Modern radiators can be up to 50% more efficient than older ones. This means that you’ll be able to use less water and enjoy cost savings on your energy bills!

Improved function

Over time, the pipes and radiators in your heating system can rust. This rust is then collected by the water in your system and is transferred back to your boiler. Sludge build-up can be detrimental to your radiator and boiler and a new radiator will solve this problem!


If you’ve recently renovated or are simply looking to ring the changes, a new radiator is a great way of making a statement. We have a range of radiator styles and sizes available which means we can tailor the installation to your tastes.

Boiler replacement

If you’ve replaced your boiler, it’s worthwhile investing in new radiators. This means that your whole heating system will be clean, and fresh and that all the parts will be working in harmony with one another.

Thermostatic radiator valves

Thermostatic radiator valves are a great addition to any radiator. These smart valves allow you to control the temperature of each radiator in your property. Furthermore, technological advancements mean that you can monitor and control them from your smartphone.

Prestige Heating Services | Plumbing Services | Boiler Services | Bathroom Plumbing

Can I install my own radiator?

There are many reasons why booking a Heating & Gas Engineer to install your radiator is beneficial. Here’s why…

All our radiator installations are carried out by experienced, high-qualified Heating & Gas Engineers who value your satisfaction. This means that you can have the peace of mind that your radiator installation is in safe hands.

A Heating & Gas Engineer knows how to install radiators safely and securely. In addition, we know how to add fixtures and fittings to high standards, so you won’t face any leaks, broken fittings and more. We can keep you safe from potential risks.

Calling a Heating & Gas Engineer means that they will have the right tools for the job. We use some of the best tools and equipment in the industry which means that we complete all radiator installations to the highest standards.

If your radiator is broken, your pipes are leaking or your boiler is broken, we can act fast. We respond quickly and efficiently to plumbing emergencies to ensure that your plumbing systems are up and running in no time.

How much does it cost to install a radiator?

Radiator installation cost in the UK will vary depending on several factors. Therefore, we recommend getting in touch with us for a FREE quote based on your requirements.

Our Related Services

Heating System Power Flush

What is a heating system power flush?

A heating system power flush is a process to clean your boiler and central heating system. We flush your radiators, pipes and boilers at high pressure using a specialist machine and chemicals. This is a proven way of removing sludge, dirt and debris from the pipes to ensure your heating system is fully functioning.

How do I know if I need a heating system power flush?

There are some signs to look out for that your boiler and heating system require a power flush…

  • Cold spots on your radiators.
  • Your radiators need constant bleeding.
  • Noisy radiators and boiler.
  • Radiator leaks.
  • Frequent breakdowns.
  • Your boiler constantly needs to be restarted.
  • Central heating takes a long time to heat up.
  • Discoloured water when radiators are bled.
  • Cold radiators but hot pipes.

Boiler Installation, Servicing and Repairs

We offer a range of boiler services including fitting, servicing and emergency repairs. We take gas safety seriously and keeping you warm and safe is our goal. So, if you need boiler services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a FREE quote.

Prestige Heating Services | Plumbing Services | Boiler Services | Bathroom Plumbing

Why choose us?

Prestige Heating Services | Plumbing Services | Boiler Services | Bathroom Plumbing

Emergency Repairs

We understand how stressful plumbing emergencies can be. Therefore, we can respond quickly and efficiently with our emergency repair service. Contact us for a FREE quote.

Prestige Heating Services | Plumbing Services | Boiler Services | Bathroom Plumbing

Fully Registered

Our Heating & Gas Engineers are fully qualified and highly skilled, so you can trust that our work is completed to high standards and in full accordance with regulations.

Prestige Heating Services | Plumbing Services | Boiler Services | Bathroom Plumbing

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive and affordable pricing across all our services, which means that whatever you need, we will have solutions that will work for you.

If you’re looking for professional, trusted and affordable Radiator Installation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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