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Boiler Servicing Croydon

If you’ve been looking for professional boiler servicing in Croydon, then you’ve found the answer with Prestige. We have a broad range of experience in boiler servicing, boiler fitting and repairs, as well as, radiators, showers, toilets, taps and much more. So, if you’re looking for professional boiler servicing in Croydon, get in touch with us today for a quote.

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    Why do I need my boiler serviced?

    One of the most common questions we’re asked is: how often should a boiler be serviced? We recommend that an annual boiler service is a minimum for servicing. This is because boiler servicing in Croydon can detect any issues, prevent future breakdowns and keep you safe. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with our boiler servicing in Croydon…

    • Annual savings on your gas bills.
    • More efficiency within the home.
    • Lower your carbon footprint.
    • Better temperature control.
    • Increase the value of your property.

    How do I know if my boiler needs a service?

    There are several warning signs to look out for that you need boiler servicing in Croydon including…

    • If your boiler pressure keeps dropping or going up.
    • If your boiler is leaking.
    • If your boiler is noisy.
    • If your boiler needs to be reset more frequently.
    • If there are stains on or near your boiler.
    • The pilot light keeps going out or a yellow flame.

    If you need boiler servicing in Croydon or your boiler needs to be repaired or replaced, contact us for advice.

    How is a boiler serviced?

    Our boiler servicing in Croydon comprises a series of thorough checks on your boiler including…

    • The safety of the boiler and its controls.
    • Check for corrosion and a leaking boiler.
    • Check that all components are functioning correctly.
    • Ensure gas pressure is operating at the correct levels.
    • Test whether the emissions released from the boiler are safe.
    • Clean the parts as required.
    • Provide boiler safety information.
    Prestige Heating Services | Plumbing Services | Boiler Services | Bathroom Plumbing

    What types of boilers can be serviced?

    Eco-Condensing Boilers

    Eco-condensing boilers heat your water by collecting the gas that is generated by burning fuels and can reach over 90% efficiency.

    Combination or ‘Combi’ Boilers

    Combination or ‘combi’ boilers are single-unit central heating boilers. This type of boiler heats water on demand from the water mains when you use your taps.

    System Boilers

    System boilers are ideal for homes with more than one bathroom and use a hot water cylinder to store water in.

    Regular Boilers

    Regular boilers, traditional, conventional, or heat-only boilers are an ideal solution for properties that have older radiators and heating systems.

    How much does it cost to service a boiler?

    The cost of our boiler servicing in Croydon will vary depending on several factors. We recommend getting in touch with us for a quote.

    Is my boiler broken?

    While annual boiler service is a great way of identifying any potential problems, there are some checks that you can do in-between times. The below can help you identify if your boiler requires any immediate repairs.

    • Check your gas supply such as gas hobs.
    • Check the power supply to your boiler.
    • Check your condensation pipe.
    • Check the thermostat and ensure the controls are set correctly.

    We recommend setting up a plan for boiler servicing in Croydon instead of relying on a one-off boiler service.

    Our Related Services

    Heating System Power Flush

    What is a heating system power flush?

    A heating system power flush is a process to clean your boiler and central heating system. We flush your radiators, pipes and boilers at high pressure using a specialist machine and chemicals. This is a proven way of removing sludge, dirt and debris from the pipes to ensure your heating system is fully functioning.

    Prestige Heating Services | Plumbing Services | Boiler Services | Bathroom Plumbing

    How do I know if I need a heating system power flush?

    There are some signs to look out for that your boiler and heating system requirea power flush…

    • Cold spots on your radiators.
    • Your radiators need constant bleeding.
    • Noisy radiators and boiler.
    • Radiator leaks.
    • Frequent breakdowns.
    • Your boiler constantly needs to be restarted.
    • Central heating takes a long time to heat up.
    • Discoloured water when radiators are bled.
    • Cold radiators but hot pipes.

    Boiler Repairs
    We offer a range of boiler solutions including emergency repairs. We take gas safety seriously and keeping you warm and safe is our goal. So, if you need boiler services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a FREE quote.

    Why choose us?

    Boiler Servicing Croydon

    Emergency Repairs

    We understand how stressful plumbing emergencies can be. Therefore, we can respond quickly and efficiently with our emergency repair service. Contact us for a quote.

    Boiler Servicing Croydon

    Fully Registered Plumbers

    Our plumbers are fully qualified and highly skilled, so you can trust that our work is completed to high standards and in full accordance with regulations.

    Boiler Servicing Croydon

    Competitive Pricing

    We offer competitive and affordable pricing across all our services, which means that whatever you need, we will have solutions that will work for you.

    If you’re looking for professional, trusted and affordable boiler servicing in Croydon, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!